Morgan Kesler


  • Languages: Ruby, C#, NodeJS, Javascript, Java, Kotlin
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Kafka, MySQL, MSSQL
  • Cloud: AWS, Google Cloud
  • General: Docker, Kubernetes


2016-Current - Senior Software Developer - Park Assist - NYC, NY

  • Modernized and improved building and deployment of existing software applications using Docker, Kubernetes and CircleCI.
  • Helped in design and implementation of stream processing application using JRuby and Kafka.
  • Spearheaded major DevOps improvements around crucial C# based client application by standardizing building and testing using AppVeyor and deployments via Slack.
  • Developed ChatOps based deployment solutions for all applications to reduce overhead and difficulty related to deploying large scale application.
  • Preformed code reviews and analysis of all code changes across C#, Ruby and NodeJS applications.
  • Refactor huge portions of hastily written code while standardizing styling using static analysis tools like Rubocop.

2010-2016 - Developer - Kobie Marketing - St Petersburg, FL

  • Designed and built multiple new implementations for clients in the telecommunications, retail and financial services space using REST and SOAP based web services, flat files and databases handling 1,000,000+ transactions monthly.
  • Using SQL, Java and Talend built ETL and data aggregation processes for customer reporting on large data sets, along with optimizing existing processes to handle large data sets more efficiently to reduce run time.
  • Wrote test cases and utilized unit testing with JUnit to ensure programs follow supplied business requirements.
  • Participated in ongoing initiatives to improve processes for existing loyalty clients and establish best practices for the entire IT department.
  • Redesigned existing file processing systems that greatly improved efficiency, run times and reducing the number of manual hours each month by over 80%.
  • Outlined and deployed process for upgrading existing clients running on legacy Jboss 4/Postgres 8 platform to the new Jboss 7/Postgres 9 platform.
  • Spearheaded the initiative to migrate our existing stand alone Subversion version control system to the Git based Atlassian Bitbucket Server to improve code management and peer review processes.
  • Developed a system for a unique telecom client involving direct mail promotions that reduced development time around new promotions by more than half.

2007-2010 - Web Developer - GPS Fleet Solutions - Wesley Chapel, FL

  • Designed and developed a highly customized customer portal with trouble ticketing, online quoting, ordering, inventory and shipment tracking to move business from a paper based to online.
  • Designed, developed and maintained companies consumer facing website using CakePHP and MySQL along with integrating it with SugarCRM for lead management.
  • Developed integration with Google Maps API with PHP, MySQL, and SQL Server to output raw GPS data routes and points on a web based map, along with automated Geo-Fencing alerts.
  • Wrote SQL scripts to compile GPS data into reports that outlined miles traveled, alerts generated, hours running, hours idling, and PTO usage using SQL Server.
  • Integrated multiple vendors GPS tracking systems into internal customer portal for web based mapping and single sign on functionality using MS SQL and REST based web services.
  • Converted an ACT! MS SQL CRM system to a SugarCRM MySQL system using a custom ETL tool for data mapping, along with integrating SugarCRM with the internal customer portal.